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Welcome To Ogden Studios 

  Your Ogden & Salt Lake City Utah Video Production Company!



and watch our productions! 

Ogden Studios is a full service audio and video production company located in Ogden, Utah. We specialize in corporate videos, television / radio advertising, internet video , record producing and broadcast programming. We offer both High Definition and Standard Definition video production.





Ogden Studios offers high definition video editing in both Final Cut Pro and AVID. Our sound engineer, Derek Keith , uses Digi-Designs Pro Tools and can mix, sweeten, and master your video to Hollywood standards!


Photo: Derek Keith and David Archuleta in the recording studio



Ogden Studios recent projects:

Top Shot - History Channel

Tough Enough - USA Network

Sundance Film Festival 2010 - Sundance Channel

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games - Host Broadcaster

Singapore Youth Olympic Games - Olympic News Channel

Discovery Channel / TLC My Brand New Face


Ogden Studios current project "Eiger Song - "The History of Jeff Lowe":

Currently in Production in Grindalwald, Switzerland. CLICK HERE




Considering an infomercial- Please Read this Article by CNN Money


Motivate prospects to buy. Communicate what makes your business different. Demonstrate how your products work. Educate customers and employees. The ability of video to improve business is the reason it is rapidly becoming a critical component of business communications.

Not the phone, not a print brochure, not even a Web site … None of these mediums deliver your message as efficiently and cost-effectively as video.

The ability to visually communicate complex or detailed information in a short period of time without actually being in the room with your potential customer can only be achieved with video.

Create compelling videos that motivate your audience to connect with you and your product … bringing them close enough to touch it, understand it and believe in it.

“A short video can be worth a thousand PowerPoint slides!” – Harvard University. Business and industry experts agree that video has become a “must have” marketing and communications tool.

Now, more than ever, your company is looking to maximize its return on investment (ROI) from its marketing efforts. We’re in the business of helping companies just like yours achieve this important goal.

Use video to motivate, demonstrate, communicate and educate … Video Everywhere.

 Ogden Studios has created dynamic and effective presentations for clients in business, entertainment, sports, and education. Our team will guide you through the entire production process from script to screen. Small enough to give you great personal service, but with enough experience and resources to get the project done right. We take pride in a job well done.



Experience- Our pool of talent spans from award winning composers, writers, editors and cinematographers.


Commitment- Our success depends upon your success. We strive to make your project both top notch and effective. Our customers have shown years of loyalty for this very reason.


Customer Service- In producing a new project, buying media, or updating existing projects, we place you at the top of our list.


Quality- Through years of experience we know how to make your project exceptional…via top end equipment and knowledgeable labor.


-Cordell Wolking



The arena for video gets more exciting everyday!



This is our Ogden Studios animated logo. It was produced in high definition. We thought most people would only see it in standard definition, but technology is changing rapidly! Now, it is easy watching High Definition video over the internet. This video is hosted in High Definition on YouTube .


As an example of the flexibility of internet video, it only took two minutes to insert into our web page! Contact us if you are considering a video for your company. We have low internet video rates!


From 35mm flatbed editing...



  to Uncompressed High Definition editing!


(please note: we have transitioned fully to non-linear editing)



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